Purchasing Prints - Kevin Lehmann

Photography is an Art form and the Photographer is the artist.

Photographers may have fancy cameras and gear, but these are just tools to capture his or her vision, much like a painters brush and canvas.

When you purchase a photograph, you are getting much more than a pretty picture. You are getting the photographers vision, his experience and the moment that it all came together. Each photograph also has a story behind it, be it the adventure in scouting the location, the numerous trips out (days, weeks, months) to get the perfect light, his/her emotions at the time and of course, the story of the image itself. Few other art forms have this. When you purchase a print through the website, I will email you the story behind the print, allowing you to better connect with your new Artwork.

Prints may be purchased through this website. Visit the Galleries and find an image you love. Select the Buy Button and you will be offered various sizes and styles for your print.

You will also be offered (at checkout) various shipping methods and, if desired, framing options. You will receive your artwork in a few days and be ready to proudly display it in your home or office.

You may also contact me directly via email, or by facebook messenger if you prefer.

If you happen to see an image on the Facebook page that you are interested in and don't find here, please let me know via email or Facebook Messenger and I will ensure it is promptly placed on the website for you. Thank you for visiting and hope you find that perfect piece for your home,  office or work place.


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